Welcome to my portfolio!  My name is Ken Christensen,  I am an obsessive problem-solver and a lover of technology and music. These days digital interfaces are ubiquitous and have become the primary means of interaction for people all over the world. As a result, the use of complex systems and powerful tools for learning, working and collaborating has become commonplace. I enjoy finding ways to make interaction with these tools intuitive, simple—and even fun—to use.

I’m an excellent communicator. I find it easy to empathize with my audience—whether it be colleagues, clients, stakeholders, or users of a product I’ve designed and or managed. Or a conversion campaign I have designed and strategically helped grow through my advanced knowledge of digital marketing. Subsequently, I have the ability to explain complex ideas and concepts in a straightforward and relatable manner.

 I’m decisive. I welcome critical feedback and view it as an opportunity to learn and grow; however, I don’t require it to function. I don’t shy away from making hard choices under tough circumstances.

I have a demonstrated track record of consistently combining leadership with sound business practices to cater to clients and teams as well as a reputation as a high functioning professional with excellent management skills.

I love exercising my creative side in my spare time. My interests expand beyond the field of design and direction, they range from song writing, mastering, sound design and production.  Occasionally I enjoy performing live.  My unending curiosity about the world instills me with a sense of enthusiasm for different projects and helps me adapt to clients in every type of industry.